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We are a combat sports club specializing in full-contact combat in historical armor. Unlike classical fencing schools, our focus lies on effective weapon strikes and using the entire body to bring down the opponent.

This requires a high level of physical fitness and training tailored to full-contact sports




Helli und Ingo
Tim und Helli

The sport

Medieval combat is a modern martial art inspired by history, with rules and regulations governing the length and weight of weapons, their level of rounding, and the allowable armor.

This is not a reenactment; we do not aim to simulate historical battles realistically. Furthermore, it is not a staged fight; the fighters genuinely strike with full force and try to win.

There are group battles, referred to as 'Buhurt,' as well as duels in various weapon categories


In Buhurt, teams of 5v5, 12v12, 30v30, or even more face each other and attempt to bring the opposing team to the ground using various techniques. Anyone who touches the ground with three contact points is out. A wide range of techniques is employed, from grappling and judo throws to 'I'll just hit you until you voluntarily sit down,' and everything in between, all of which are legitimate.

Tim in Action


The duels work somewhat like a boxing match: two opponents face each other for two rounds of one minute each and try to land as many hits on their opponent as possible during that time. Only effective strikes to the body or head count. Strikes to the shield or hand do not earn points. Whoever has the most points at the end wins.

The images on this page are used with kind permission from the photographer 'The Medieval Things"

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